Wednesday, May 5, 2010

went back home today a little after noon. it really was a relief at first, but then of course you get over it, and it just becomes that messy place where the internet barely works and you miss the long gone cat that you didn't even like very much to begin with. All in all it's about as good and as bad as the graveyard and the churchyard and the wafflehouse.
I guess it'd be an oversimplification to say that, with the exception of really horrible places like, say, torture chambers, place is a momentary sensation, and once the place becomes just your current setting, it sort of falls away. Or maybe really it becomes a part of you, and that's why it seems less noticeable to you.
*Shrug* As you can tell I'm not sure I learned anything profound yet. This is actually the worst part of the whole project for me. Not because the adventure is over or because I'm at a loss as to what to do with myself next, but just because I'm really tired . . . I have a sleep debt of like seventeen hours. And I still have to put the piece together. And my paper for art history is going to be very late. And so on. Oh well. Even so, it was a good thing to do, all in all.

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