Sunday, May 2, 2010

I left my house today at noon. Drove my truck to the tech library so I could return all my library books since, while I won't be able to get to them at my house, I can get to them at the library.

I bought one of those rolling backpacks. It's funny 'cause it's kind of like a little house and vehicle rolled into one. It has all the clothes and hygiene products in it that I would keep in my house and wheels to make transporting my stuff from place to place possible.

Mostly I just brought what I needed. I brought a change of clothes and toothbrush and soap and a towel. I brought an umbrella in case it rains.

But come to think of it, half of the stuff has nothing to do with my survival and is more circumstantial. I brought drawing materials of course. I also had to bring some paint, brushes, and matboards for landscape class. I had to bring my shirt and hat for work. I had to bring my prospective summer class schedule because I still need a signature. I brought my conceptual design book so I can read the chapter for Tuesday.

When I really try to determine what of the things I brought I really need, really can't live without, the answer is nothing. None of the things I brought are food, or shelter related. Perhaps I might die without the umbrella. Maybe I'd get really really cold at night without this long sleeve shirt. But I doubt it. I just brought a bunch of crap of no real importance that I will now have to drag around with me.

After dropping off my library books, I sat down at a table in front of the student center and got out all my stuff to do my major master study. The people next to me were discussing a paper on social worker self defense. The women in front of me were recounting their first sexual experiences. It made me think about Chuck Palahniuk's theory in the book Lullaby, how the American dream is to live alone. Rich people don't live in hostels or the ground floor of hotels. They live in mansions on acres of land or in penthouses at the very top of buildings. They live as far away from everyone else as possible while still being able to enjoy the luxuries and infrastructure of civilized living.

I decided I wanted to be by myself, so I went and sat under a big tree. It was interesting how the shade provided made it like a room. I forgot scissors so I had to go to the art building and find some there. Now my major study is done with string attached, ready to be worn. I'm still not completely happy with it, plan to continue to make little adjustments to the drawing.

Now I'm going to hang out in the computer lab for a bit and listen to NPR, then go to work and hope they don't question why I'm carrying to bags and wearing a drawing.

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